DMIT Students Rule

13330901_10208380459082086_4315985266230399430_nIf you’re ready, prepared and has a supportive adviser there is no reason to quit and feel the nervous. That’s what DMIT student’s thought when they competed to the 1st Atlantic Bakery’s TV AD Competition last May 9, 2016 at Regent Hotel Naga City. According to them the competition was tough because it was their first time to compete and their competitors were also prepared in their made TV ADS. The DMIT students were: Noe Ebdani, John Martin Santos, Francis Reuteras, Francis Oliva and Divina Briones. They were headed by Mr. Ryan Abecina DMIT adviser. They won the first place in corporate ADS student category. Mr. Noe Ebdani received his special citation award as one of the best directors. The PCFC family is proud of you DMIT students and they were also congratulated for the job well done. This is another honor given by DMIT students. Sir Ryan Abecina is always ready to enhance the student’s skills in animation and graphic design.